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Wigan Mixed CAS Community (Primary and Secondary)

Opened: 2 December 2015

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Scratch, Mar 06 2019
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CAS Wigan Hub

The CAS Wigan Hub is run by Maureen Anderson, CAS Master Teacher, from Hawkley Hall High School and Barry Price, CAS Master Teacher (primary). Maureen is enthusiastic about the developments within computer science and believe it is an exciting time for the subject. Barry is based at Westfield Community Primary. Barry is passionate about providing a quality education to all the children and providing teachers with the knowledge and confidence in delivery of computing at primary schools.

They are both xperienced teachers who have made the transition from teaching ICT to teaching Computing. They are passionate about making computing accessible for all. They welcome everyone interested in local networking opportunities to the group.

Hub meetings are held at different schools around the area. If you would like to host a hub meeting please get in touch.

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