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NCCE - Networks and Cybersecurity in GCSE Computer Science (2 days) - 17th September, 1st October Tuesday Sep 17, 2019 from 9:00AM to 5:00PM
Organised by: Beverly ClarkeBeverly Clarke Hosted by: University of Plymouth
Beverly Clarke,
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This course is delivered as part of the National Centre for Computing Education, and forms part of the Computer Science Accelerator programme.

Networked computers, and cyber-security issues, are the focus of this two-day professional development. Gain comprehensive knowledge of the hardware and software systems that comprise networks, including the globally connected systems forming the internet. We will demystify the numerous protocols, network topologies and key applications used for data transfer between computers, and help you make learning relevant and engaging to students.

Based in this knowledge of networks, you’ll also develop your knowledge of computer security including measures to guard against a range of threats, both technical and behavioural. You’ll learn about vulnerabilities – where they come from, how they are exploited, and what can be done about them; knowledge which helps inform your students and make them safer online citizens.

Mapped closely to the specifications of GCSE computer science, the course will provide you with deepened knowledge and confidence that your students are equipped for their exams.

Bursaries exist to support you through 40 hours of CPD to complete the CS Accelerator programme. If you don’t complete the programme, we reserve the right to reclaim any bursaries paid.


You will gain the required knowledge to help your students:

recognise the benefits and drawbacks of networked computers in a variety of wired and wireless configurations, and understand the technologies that make this possible understand how data moves around networks designed around different topologies, and the factors that affect network performance know the purpose of data transfer protocols including : Ethernet; Wi-Fi; TCP; IP; HTTP / HTTPS; FTP and email protocols including SMTP; IMAP and POP confidently describe cyber-security threats and the vulnerabilities they aim to exploit be able to apply security measures to a range of contexts, and know what can happen when these fail Sessions

DAY 1 17 September 2019 09:30-16:30

DAY 2 01 October 2019 09:30-16:30


This course is free to all eligible teachers (from English state maintained schools, holding no relevant post A Level qualification). Ineligible teachers will pay the same fee as a non-maintained school and will not receive a bursary. Please contact for more information.

By booking on this course you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the National Centre for Computing Education. These can be found here

Bring Your Own Device

Please note, this course requires you to bring your own device as computing equipment is not provided at the venue. Please bring a laptop with the following software installed:

Python v3.7.2 -

Flowgorithm -