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FREE workshop: Computing for Teachers at Edge Hill University 2018/19 #2 Saturday Apr 27, 2019 from 9:45AM to 3:00PM
Organised by: Carl SimmonsCarl Simmons Hosted by: Edge Hill University
Carl Simmons
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Join us at Edge Hill University and choose from our FREE CAS Computing Workshops to learn new skills and explore the Computing curriculum. Each workshop is led by an expert practising teacher and you'll learn practical skills, computational thinking and explore the implications for your own classrooms. 


There'll be several workshops running these are yet to be confirmed,topics covered in the past include:

Creative Computing: Sonic Pi (KS2/3)

Creative Computing: Unplugged Computing / Barefoot (KS1-2)

Creative Computing: Geocraft - Programming Minecraft using the Raspberry Pi (KS2/3)

Creative Computing: Python (KS3/4)

Creative Computing: SQL - Controlled assessment preparation (KS4)

Creative Computing: Little Man Computing for GCSE (KS4)

Creative Computing: Introduction to App Inventor for KS2/3

Creative Computing: Logic Gates (KS3/4)

Physical Computing: CodeBug: the cute, programmable and wearable device designed to introduce simple programming and electronic concepts to anyone, at any age. (KS1-4)

Physical Computing: 3D Printing in the classroom (KS1-4)

Physical Computing: Getting started with the BBC Microbit (KS3)

Physical Computing: Wearables

Physical Computing: Spheros

Primary and Secondary teachers are more than welcome to join us to improve their own computing skills.


You can see details of all 4 of our events in 2018/19 here.

Here's a selection of feedback from the lovely teachers who came to events earlier in the year:-

A superb ground up course on using Minecraft on the Pi.

Excellent, first time that I had used Minecraft and quickly learned to program it using Python.

Excellent intro to PyGame, good to learn about a visual use of Python. Will really support in the teaching of Python skills required to tackle the OCR controlled assessment

Very informative!! Good fun, really well delivered with personality.

Really great session. This will definitely support me in the delivery of the App Inventor unit we are about to teach and help with the delivery of the skills required for the controlled assessment.

As this is the first time that I will be running the controlled assessment for our yr10 computing class, the advance workshop session on App Inventor was very helpful. It gave me more confidence about using it within a controlled classroom testing environment.

Great to learn how to use it in primary

I had little to no knowledge of Python and found the session really useful.

Very good networking place to meet other teachers with different experiences and resources.

I am better informed about possible ways forward teaching programming to KS3.

Improved my knowledge of Blender and gained insight into how to program Blender using Python

A great opportunity to discuss how Python can be used to expand the knowledge of pupils.

The session was relevant to me for KS3 and the resources provided were excellent. I also learned how Scratch can be used to introduce programming and learned some useful things in such a short amount of time. I will be using the provided resources to help me learn and will use them in the classroom.

learn == True fun == True