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Norfolk Scratch Off Secondary 2019 Thursday 20th June 

The competition finals will be at the UEA on the Thursday 20th June 2019. This year, the competition is based around creating a Scratch Game that celebrates the ‘Golden age’ of arcade video games.

Please register by selecting the number of learners participating. This is important so that lunch can be provided for all learners. Please do not include teacher and associate staff numbers in registration. The brief for the competition is located here. All Scratch Off 2019 entrants will have the option to take part in a programming challenge set on the day. 

Please note that you can bring along teams to compete in the programming challenge only.

‘Scratch Off’ is about coding. It is a competition for learners aged between 11 and 14. Our basic premise is to promote ‘Computer Science’ by encouraging learners to create a game in MIT’s free Scratch app. Our competition encourages students to imagine, code and learn together.

The ‘Scratch Off 2019’ is a wonderful opportunity for students to explore ‘computational thinking’ and ‘coding skills’ and share their common learning journey. There will be amazing prizes for the best games and our judges will also be rewarding effort. Selected teams will be asked to present to a filled lecture theatre at the University of East Anglia, a priceless experience.

As this competition has been previously oversubscribed, we must insist that all teams have a maximum of two learners per team and that no more than three teams are entered per school. As the competition encourages girls to take part, four teams may be registered if there is an all-girl team and a mixed team.  Internal school ‘Scratch Off’ competitions are commended.

Our ‘Scratch Off’ competition is organised by Norfolk CAS and the University of East Anglia. It is a diverse team and comprises of University Professors, Lecturers, Undergraduate’s, Secondary/Primary educators, parent’s/carer’s and business partners who all share a passion of promoting Computer Science in schools.

Before registering please ensure that the logistics are in place. In previous events some schools have realised that they cannot make the day because of a Sports Day / INSET / Transport etc, often disappointing learners that were keen to take part. That said, this year we are introducing a waiting list and will confirm places as soon as possible. Please book or add your school to the waiting list so that you do not miss this opportunity.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us over at the Norfolk CAS Hub website or alternatively email

We hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards,

Jerome Thompson

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