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Python programming essentials for GCSE computer science (2-days, CS Accelerator programme) Monday Feb 11, 2019 9:45AM until Monday Mar 11, 2019 4:00PM
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This course is delivered as part of the National Centre for Computing Education, and forms part of the Computer Science Accelerator programme.

By booking on this course you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the National Centre for Computing Education. These can be found here

The level of programming skill required for GCSE becomes demanding, and may seem daunting for those without a programming background. This professional development aims to take you from novice programmer to competent teacher of Python programming. You’ll be walked through the fundamentals of programming, with lots of hands-on experience under the guidance of highly successful teachers of computer science.

You’ll find out about writing easy-to-understand code to collect, process and display data. Develop your knowledge of data types, and how data structures are manipulated in python programs. Become confident in using logic and arithmetic to write efficient code to execute algorithms. New program code almost always contains errors; you’ll become adept at identifying and correcting them, and testing the functionality of your code.

Mapped closely to the specifications of GCSE computer science, the course will provide you with deepened knowledge and confidence that your students are equipped for assessments.

This course is free to all eligible teachers (from English state maintained schools, holding no relevant post A Level qualification). Ineligible teachers will pay the same fee as a non-maintained school and will not receive a bursary. Please contact if you need further information.

Bursaries exist to support you through 40 hours of CPD to complete the CS Accelerator programme. If you don’t complete the programme, we reserve the right to reclaim any bursaries paid.

If you are using a Sat Nav to get to Carmel College please use postcode DL3 8RP.


You will gain the required knowledge to help your students:

plan, write and test clear, efficient Python programs that can output to the screen, and make use of file handling;

understand how to correctly use control flow statements, such as loops, conditional branches and function calls;

make effective use of data structures and data types, understanding variable scope;

understand error messages and effectively debug their code.