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Greenfoot Workshop (Northamptonshire Secondary Community ) Thursday Nov 15, 2018 from 4:00PM to 6:00PM
Organised by: Claire GryspeerdtClaire Gryspeerdt Hosted by: Wrenn Academy
Northamptonshire Secondary
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On behalf of Computing At School

Greenfoot Workshop

Hosted by

Northamptonshire Secondary


Wrenn Academy

Thursday Nov 15, 2018 from 4:00PM to 6:00PM

Light refreshments available

Greenfoot with Stride – Programming after blocks (Key Stage 3) Delivered by Hamza Hamza from the Greenfoot development team


Time Topic
16:00 Registration and Refreshments
16:10 Workshop 1 – Greenfoot with Stride  - Programming after blocks (KS3). Stride is a language similar to Java with an editor that combines elements from block- based programming (eg Scratch) and traditional text-based programming. Stride is an ideal language to either transition from a block-based system to a more general purpose language or as an entry point to programming for KS3 students. Hands-on activities using Greenfoot and Stride and programming examples that can be used immediately in a classroom.
16:35 Workshop 2 – Teaching Java with Greenfoot (KS4). How to teach Java, how do you best teach with Greenfoot, what are good teaching examples, Hands-on exercises and programming examples that can be used immediately in a classroom.
17:10 Workshop 3 – Teaching Java with BlueJ (KS4/5) how to teach concepts of OOP with Greenfoot and Java, how to teach Java, good teaching examples. Hands- on exercises.
17:55 Feedback Survey and Close

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