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BlueJ/Greenfoot CPD Monday Oct 1, 2018 from 4:30PM to 7:00PM
Organised by Master Teacher: Kevin YoungKevin Young Hosted by: Maidstone Grammar School
Kevin Young
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BlueJ/Greenfoot CPD

October 1, 2018 at 4:30PM

Maidstone Grammar School

Free CPD for KS3 and KS4 Computing Teachers - BlueJ/Greenfoot

Free CPD for KS3 and KS4 Computing Teachers - BlueJ/Greenfoot

Greenfoot/BlueJ Development Team

This CPD is aimed at teachers of computing courses, especially key stages 3 and 4. Some knowledge of programming is assumed (not necessarily in Java).

The topics intended to be covered are

  1. Greenfoot with Stride – Programming after blocks (Key Stage 3)
  2. Teaching Java with Greenfoot (Key Stage 4)
  3. Teaching Java with BlueJ (Key Stage 4/5)

Greenfoot is an integrated educational programming environment aimed at novice programmers. It supports easy development of highly graphical, interactive programs, such as games and simulations. Greenfoot was designed to teach concepts of programming in a strongly motivating setting, offering immediate feedback and engaging functionality.

Greenfoot can be programmed in standard Java, providing a highly visual and engaging entry to standard, text-based programming. Good programming practice can be learned while creating interactive games. These games can then be easily published and shared online. A large amount of teaching material is freely available, and an active online teacher community (the Greenroom) provides support for teachers throughout the year.

BlueJ is one of the most used educational development environment for teaching object orientation and Java. With its simple interface designed for introductory programming, it supports learning significantly better than professional tools. Pedagogical support includes tools for visualisation and interaction, which help students understand fundamental concepts of object orientation and programming in general. BlueJ is free and open source, and a large amount of teaching material is available. BlueJ also has an online teacher community, the Blueroom, for continuing support for teachers throughout the year.


Greenfoot with Stride – Programming after blocks (Key Stage 3) & Teaching Java with Greenfoot (Key Stage 4)

In this workshop, we will discuss how to teach concepts of traditional object-oriented programming with Greenfoot and Stride. We will introduce the tools of the environment itself, discuss the Stride language (which is quick and easy to learn), and present pedagogical considerations: How do you best teach with Greenfoot? How do you create motivation? What are good teaching examples?

Teachers will go through hands-on exercises of using Greenfoot and Stride, and work with a number of programming examples that can immediately be used in a classroom.

Teaching Java with BlueJ (Key Stage 4/5)

In this workshop, we discuss how to teach Java using BlueJ. This includes technical aspects, such as the edit-compile-execute cycle, object interaction, use of unit testing, and pedagogical aspects of teaching Java to novices.

Various teaching examples and projects will be presented and discussed that can be used in class.

The workshop is interactive; teachers will use BlueJ in hands-on activities and have opportunity for questions and discussion.

The workshop is presented by members of the BlueJ development team.

All materials and resources used on this course will be made available to all delegates after the course.


Maidstone Grammar School

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