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Computing curriculum and qualifications in Key Stage 4 Monday Aug 13, 2018 from 10:00AM to 4:00PM
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Computing At School
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On behalf of Computing At School

Computing curriculum and qualifications in Key Stage 4

hosted by

John Woollard,

CAS Regional Centre (West Midlands)

Monday Aug 13, 2018 from 10:00AM to 4:00PM

CAS Assessment Working Group - hosted by John Woollard

Computing curriculum and qualifications in key stage 4 Determining the way forward (Autumn 2018)

The next focus for the CAS Assessment working group is to discuss and determine a rationale for the way forward. We are designing a strategy to gain the understanding and then mandate from the CAS membership. The first stage is a face-to-face meeting to determine that strategy.

The meeting is NOT for people who have predetermined ideas of the way forward. They will have an opportunity to contribute to the discussions in the weeks following the strategy meeting.

The meeting is for people with the energy and time to manage some aspect of the data gathering, analysis and report writing during the period August to October. Those people will have to have a good understanding of the probable implications of any approach associated with curriculum change, subject criteria, qualifications and non-examined assessments.

If you have the time and energy and can make the commitment to this process during the coming two months then please sign up using the booking link above.

If you wish to contribute to the data gathering strategy but cannot attend the meeting on August 13th then please email


Qualifications drive the behaviour of schools, teachers, parents, and pupils. If the qualifications framework is out of kilter, no amount of curriculum statements, teacher training, or resources can fix it. The 2017/8 academic year has seen some less than positive developments. There has been a reduction in the non-GCSE Progress 8 qualifications available to pupils in our subject. We have suffered from a change in procedures regarding non-examination assessment and we have the promise of “no change” from the DfE.

Many regret the withdrawal of the GCSE in ICT leaving the GCSE in Computer Science as the only GCSE in the Computing space. It does not cover the whole of the Computing curriculum and the proportion of young women, ethnically-black and pupil premium students taking a GCSE is now much lower (ref). The culling of the ICT options in the Technical Awards; and their late announcement has had implications with schools unable or unwilling to offer the alternative to the GCSE.

We have a need for a clear vision for how we can best establish routes through Computing that offer something to all pupils entering a world of work and leisure that is increasing dominated by technology as well as meeting the needs of a minority that want to specialise in an aspect of our subject, including programming, media, systems design and hardware development.

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