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Simulating our world - starting from Scratch - CPD for KS3 teachers Wednesday Jun 13, 2018 from 12:45PM to 4:30PM
Organised by: Nick CookNick Cook Hosted by: CAS North East (Newcastle University)
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Simulating our world - starting from Scratch - CPD for KS3 teachers

Wednesday Jun 20, 2018 from 12:45PM to 4:30PM

Hosted by CAS North East (Newcastle University)

This hands-on workshop is based on CAS Tenderfoot Unit 7 ( on simulating our world - developing models of real world, non-deterministic systems such as epidemics and predator/prey ecosystems. The workshop starts with the use of Scratch to model biological systems and the lessons that can be learned from a relatively simple modelling environment. Starting in Scratch demonstrates how easy it is to develop models that exhibit complex behaviour and also illustrates the limitations of the environment to motivate the use of richer modelling tools such as StarLogoTNG and NetLogo. The workshop will include plenty of ideas for KS3 computing and some of the work in Scratch is also applicable to KS2. The workshop will start with a sandwich lunch at 12:45.

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CAS North East (Newcastle University)


CAS North East (Newcastle University)

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