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Teach the future - Teaching conference. Tuesday Jul 3, 2018 from 9:00AM to 6:00PM
Hosted by: Lancaster University
CAS North West - Lancaster (Lancaster University)
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With more content than ever, this year’s conference is going to be our best yet!

It’s that time of year again, when CAS - North West put on their end of year conference. This year though it’s even better than ever. We’ve got over 24 hours of different sessions and workshops, some of the best speakers and companies, as well as lots of time for networking and one-to-one sessions. And the best part is, it’s totally FREE. 



Liz Smart is the Regional Coordinator for Code Club across the North West. Code Club is a nationwide network of volunteers and educators who run free coding clubs for young people aged 9-13. They currently have more than 10000 clubs in over 100 countries, and their club projects have been translated into 28 languages. We’re so excited to hear from Liz about her experience working at Code Club as well as hearing about the future.

By day Liz helps make it as easy as possible to set up after-school coding clubs for 9-13-year-olds whether it be answering queries, providing free Code Club resources or finding volunteers to help too. By night she is a mum of two who sings and cooks really badly but that doesn't dampen her enthusiasm for both! Liz can be reached by email or on twitter @CodeClubNW


We’ve got some of the best speakers from the North West to come and share the latest computing education. Sessions include:


Lessons from Innovation - How to fail to succeed

Highlighting lessons from Lancaster University’s innovation hub, how we build crazy things, engaged with students, staff and local schools and how you could do the same. 

How to teach Computing and English with Minecraft

Minecraft is a collaborative and versatile platform that educators can use across subjects to encourage 21st-century skills. This session looks at the latest research and development of teaching Minecraft to engage all types of abilities in education. Join a community of educators who are passionate about making learning exciting, engaging, and inclusive for every student.

A NEW perspective in STEM educatuion

The V5 control system for VEX EDR launches in mid 2018 and this exciting session will be one of the first opportunities for teachers in the UK to get hands on with the mind-blowing technology that will make the VEX EDR system the most powerful educational robotics platform in the world! VEX Coding Studio – a cross-platform programming environment with visual and text-based options – unleashes the power of the hardware in an easy to use and intuitive software program.

Those are just three of the sessions we have booked. Other session speakers include Alan O’Donohoe from the Exa Foundation, Joe Finney from Micro:bit and Dr Don Passey from Lancaster University. 

Teach Meet

In each primary and secondary stream there will be a teach meet. A teach meet is a great opportunity to hear from real currently teaching teachers about some of the things they use in lessons. This can be anything from e-safety policy, to teaching binary, from unplugged activities, to cross-curricular links. Have an idea that you think’s worth sharing, email to find out how you can get involved. 

Twilight Workshops

In addition to our conference during the day, we’re also running a twilight from 4pm - 6pm in the evening. This twilight will be two hands on workshops running in parallel, with one being run by Vex Robotics. 

Vex Robotics is one of the leading robotics educators who provide tools for today's educators, mentors, and parents to inspire tomorrow's problem solvers. They envision a world where every student has the opportunity to be inspired by the excitement of hands-on STEM learning and knows the feeling of creating something with technology. They want people of all ages and backgrounds to recognise that creative problem solving is fun and see its importance in shaping a better future.

The twilight is open to both day conference attendees and those who aren’t able to make it during the day. 

Companies Fair

We’ve invited some of the best educational companies to come and demonstrate the latest computing gear. Throughout the whole day the companies fair will be open and we’ve asked them all to bring as many freebies as possible! Companies include: micro:bit, kitronic, code club, barefoot, Vex Robotics, Exa foundation, Lancaster University amongst others. 

Don’t miss Lancaster University’s stall where they’ll be the opportunity to have a go with a virtual reality headset and drone.


Have specific questions about your scheme of work? Want some more practical advice about teaching computing? Want to become more confident in your computing teaching? Pop into a one-to-one room where we have CAS master teachers available throughout the day to answer specific questions from their experience as a computing education expert. Available for both primary and secondary teachers. 

Early Bird

And if all of those aren’t reason enough to sign up, if you sign up before the 23rd March, we’ll send you either a primary or secondary education e-safety pack. The CAS - North West team have spend time researching as well as getting feedback from current teachers about what the best e-safety resources out there are. We’ve put together a pack of some of the best things we’ve come across which we’ll send to you totally free of charge.