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Tenderfoot "Laying Firm Foundations" Session 3: Transitioning to Text. Basic programming course for KS2/3 non-computing specialists (Coventry and Warwickshire Community ) Wednesday Feb 28, 2018 from 4:15PM to 6:30PM
Organised by: Margaret LowMargaret Low Hosted by: University of Warwick
Coventry and Warwickshire
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Laying Firm Foundations (3 of 3)

…a beginners programming course which covers both practical and conceptual understanding. Split into three sessions.

Session three: Transitioning to Text

28th February 2018.

  • 4.15pm Meet, Coffee & Refreshments, Networking.
  • Session starts 4.30pm to 6.30pm.

Note: Places on this course are limited and offered free to teachers.

Programming is part of teaching Computing Science and let’s face it – learning to program is difficult, especially for those teachers who do not have a computing background.

Laying Firm Foundations is a Tenderfoot™ CPD course aimed at demystifying programming to teachers new to computing. Focussing on the national curriculum needs in KS2 and KS3, Laying Firm Foundations is a practical programming course which reinforces the basic constructs and data structures using freely available software. The fun activities covered in the course are ideal for transferal to the KS2/3 classroom.

The third and final session looks at the cognitive load involved in stepping up to writing text-based programs. Using a staged approach, we'll also consider how flowcharts can help us visualise simple constructs. The specific outcomes are:

  • Apply the key concepts required to write programs
  • Recognise the three constructs in every program
  • Become familiar with flowcharts articulating the constructs
  • Have considered some challenges posed by text based coding
About the Trainer:

Cathryn Armer is a Computing at Schools (CAS) Master Teacher. Her background is in Psychology, Business & IT, before training to be a secondary ICT teacher in 2006. Without a computing background, she is well acquainted with the struggles of learning how to program and adopting a computational thinking approach. She is now keen to ensure fellow teachers find that same path as smooth as possible.

About Tenderfoot™: The purpose of Tenderfoot courses is to broaden the outlook of teachers new to computing. The intention is to provide a buffet of resources on which teachers can draw, to enrich their computing lessons, at the same time of meeting the key aim: providing a greater depth of knowledge for teachers themselves.