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#CASWalkabout, Science Museum London, 29/11/17 Wednesday Nov 29, 2017 from 6:00PM to 9:00PM
Hosted by: Science Museum, London
Alan O'Donohoe
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#CASWalkabout, Wednesday 29th Nov 2017 from 6:00pm - 9:00pm, Science Museum, London

This event page is to allow a group of us with a common interest to meet together at the event, registration is not required to access the Science Museum

Theme: Illuminating India


  1. Meet & Greet - As we wait in the queue for entry (up to one hour), we'll share news of events, projects, resources etc. to support #Computing in school and #DigitalMaking. If you have something cool to share, please bring it with you - but make sure it will pass the security checks!
  2. Explore - We'll explore the different talks, activities and demonstrations throughout the evening and recommend the best to the others.
  3. Share - After closing time, we'll share with each other (in person or online) what we think were the highlights of the evening with links to relevant resources.

Gain inspirational ideas, resources and activities to use with your classes and/or community on a theme to be confirmed by the Science Museum by joining a small group of us at a public event organised by the Science Museum London for an evening packed with ideas.

Please note that this event is 18+ only, and is an independent 'fringe event' organised by CAS Master Teacher and Hub Leader Alan O'Donohoe and is neither organised nor endorsed by the Science Museum, London. Registering here allows a group of people with a common interest to meet up before the event and share relevant ideas afterwards. You can view photos from our Robot's Walkabout in May:

On the last Wednesday of every month, the Science Museum London closes at 6pm and then re-opens at 6.45pm (until 10:00pm) for "Lates" an evening packed full of talks, demonstrations and hands-on activities. At other times of the year, there is a 'Teacher Zone' Lates event combined, but not on this occasion.

Queue: The 'Lates' events are incredibly popular and the queues beforehand can extend around the block. However, by join a pre-arranged group of us in the queue for a real-life #CASchat, the ~45 minute wait won't seem quite so long.

Explore: There is a packed programme of talks, activities and demonstrations throughout the evening (all organised by the Science Museum) By meeting beforehand, we can at least attempt to improvise some 'reconnaissance' and a means to share the best bits among our group throughout the evening and afterwards.  

Share: It's likely that some will not be able to join us for the whole evening, but by signing up for the event, we'll be able to share our findings and discoveries afterwards. It's fine to sign up, and then not attend.

Links to relevant resources:


For further information please 'Contact The Host' above or send an email to "info" at "". Please note that photos may be taken at the event for publicity purposes and you may be contacted about other relevant events. The agenda may change from advertised to reflect changes in circumstances. This event is supported by Exa Foundation, .


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