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What's going on in CAS

123 Coding Cards

Published by Joshua Lowe on 2018-12-14

These are a set of 10 coding cards that show the same code in Scratch, EduBlocks and Python. This should help students who are making that jump from Scratch to Python by learning how to code 10 different programs in Scratch (the starter), EduBlocks (the middle) and Python (the end goal).


Reflections on reaching out to primary schools

Published by Alastair Barker on 2018-12-14

CAS Master Teacher Alistair Barker shares his experiences of working with primary schools in his area


Why would a subject have as one of its aims to build resilience?

Published by Chris Roffey on 2018-12-13

Is it the programming language, or is it the environment we ask our students to use for programming? Chris Roffey makes the case for improved tools for our students.


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