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Mental models in computer programming

Published by Richard Millwood on 2018-08-09

What is the thinking needed for effective courses, materials, pedagogy, software, assessment to teach programming. Richard unpacks five mental models that a learner must develop (and continue to develop) as they increase competence in programming.


CAS Survey: Females and Computing in schools

Published by Simon Humphreys on 2018-07-23

Earlier this year, CAS - with support from CAS Member Terry Critchley - ran a survey asking girls why they took GCSE Computer Science and, more importantly, why they did not! The full report is now available.


Do you have a favourite quiz?

Published by Simon Humphreys on 2018-07-19

We know how hard it can be to construct multiple-choice quizzes; the good news is that you might not need to!


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