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Programming in an engaging and inclusive curriculum

Published by Pete Dring on 2018-03-15

Girls are significantly under-represented in Computer Science post KS3 but boys are under-performing in comparison. All students are different. There are always exceptions to stereotypes. Building on the excellent advice and resources on CAS #include, this session suggested 6 ingredients to consider using when planning a project or schemes of work so that every student can enjoy making progress in...


Nearest CAS Hub Group too far away?

Published by Claire Davenport on 2018-03-12

Is your nearest CAS Hub group too far away? Or is your nearest CAS Hub group a Secondary group and you're a Primary teacher?


Fancy a challenge?

Published by Simon Humphreys on 2018-03-05

The wonderful folk behind the Cambridge Coding Academy are releasing periodic challenges to test your programming skills. Aimed at those relatively new to programming they could be used in the classroom or just to help us brush up on our own skills!


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