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ixplain FREE GCSE Computing mobile applications

Unique FREE mobile applications for Android and iOS that blend curriculum, careers ideas and work skills content

Philip Reynolds

Created by Philip Reynolds
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These ixplain Computer Science apps make learning fun and easy and will dramatically improve your understanding and exam results if you put in the time. As a big bonus, it also gives you some great careers ideas and tests you on what skills you will need for employment. It’s quick and simple to use and provides four ways to learn: Browse & Learn Computer Science via the highest quality content Quiz & Learn Computer Science via timed interactive quizzes with 3 options of 10,30 or 50 questions Flick & Learn Computer Science via our high quality illustrations and photos, Watch & Learn Computer Science via the Youtube videos linked to the content

Enjoy ixplain and please tell your friends about it. We also have ixplain apps for GSCE Maths, GSCE Physics, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Additional Science, GSCE Science and GCSE Biology along with Apps supporting F1inSchools and the BLOODHOUNDSSC project.

Written by Dan Bowen and supported by award winning careers writer Liz Reece & skills experts Youth Employment

We work hard to ensure iXplain content is totally accurate. However, if you find anything you think is incorrect or you have ideas about how we can improve the app for you please tweet us via the Twitter link in the app.

Provides multiple ways to learn

Can improve your understanding and results by providing the building blocks of knowledge via the key terms. Can empower you as you become familiar with the technical language and key terms of the subjects Can give you a sense of belonging to a subject community through increased ownership of the key terminology Provides invaluable practice in reading and answering questions under time pressure Provides a fun element which supports learning and revision Can hopefully inspire you via the careers ideas

Please see below for the full content covered along with how the stats sections works along with the technical requirements.

App Content This app is based on the GCSE Computer Science specification and all fundamental concepts from all exams boards are covered including:

Fundamentals of computer systems Hardware & Software

Computer System Memory Input and Output devices Systems Programming Binary Logic Software

Programming & Databases.

Testing Control flow in imperative languages Handling Data in Algorithms Programming Languages The relational database

Communications,networking & representation of data

Networks The Internet Units Representing of data in computer systems

Topic quizzes: questions are presented randomly.

The % score is shown at the end of the quiz - a button takes you to the summary of the questions you got right or wrong. You can go back to the original questions or facts to improve your understanding.

iXplain records your progress on three dials as you start learning: 1 shows the % of the content you have read 2 shows the score of your last test 3 shows the % of the content you have answered correctly.

Technical Requirements Minimum 3G is needed to view the links and videos. Please be aware that 3G/4G uses your data allowance.

For use on iPad please select “iPhone” apps to find it.

Copyright All ixplain copyright belongs to ImpartIQ Ltd and Dan Bowen except edubranding partners Bayer who retain copyright of their content

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