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Teaching programming with online tutorials

Online written tutorials on various languages including C#, JavaScript, HTML CSS, Unity 3D and more

Anhar Ali

Created by Anhar Ali
last edited Jan 29 2018 by Anhar Ali

Hi All,

I want to introduce a new programming tutorial website that is created to support beginner, intermediate and advanced learners on computer science and games development. I have created small tutorials to support my learners on making their own games using variety of programming languages including C#, Visual Basic, Python, HTML CSS, Unity 3D and JavaScript. Since there was nothing like this available to me at that time I’ve compiled all of my tutorials and put it online at MOOICT.COM for easier access.

I’ve tried them in my lessons to promote independent learning and problem solving skills which worked out really great, had some good feedback from my learners. Its all written tutorials with screen shots which I found to be easier to use in lessons.

I believe these tutorials will be useful for any one learning or teaching computer science.

I try to update the resources as much as I can and I’d love some feedback from you. I hope these are helpful in your lessons.



Level - All tutorials are created start to finish but there are beginner and advanced tags on the site that can filter them if needed.

Duration: Each tutorial has their own dedicated time listed so we know how long a certain activity will take, some tutorials can range between 2 - 6 hours.

Teaches: Computer Science, Programming, Games development and more.

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