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Crumble river pollution monitor KS2

A complete series of lessons and resources for a Year 5/6 project using the Redfern Electronics Crumble controller.

Peter Gaynord

Created by Peter Gaynord
last edited Sep 01 2017 by Peter Gaynord

This is a project that was put together by me for my year group of mixed year 5 and 6 children to cover the Computing curriculum in a cross curricular way linked to our topic entitled A passage to India. It comprises a series of lessons complete with plans, smart notebooks and completed Crumble programs that first develop some skills with the children concerning physical computing. It culminates in the children completing a project where they use the Crumble controller to make a device that monitors water quality .

Video which engages children at the start of the project.

There are videos and screen casts linked to by the smart notebooks that give teachers plenty of support in completing this project plus if you get stuck email me.

Video showing how to complete this project for primary school teachers.

Special thanks to Graham Hastings for his demonstration of a fish tank filter controller using the BBC Microbit that inspired this idea for our India topic.

Level: (Advanced)

Duration: (around 5 sessions of computing with scope for extension)

Teaches: (decomposition, algorithm design, development and debugging, physical computing)

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