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Logic Gates

Videos introducing logic gates, truth tables and expressions

Kevin Drumm

Created by Kevin Drumm
last edited Aug 11 2017 by Kevin Drumm

This sequence of videos is for computer science students new to logic gates and is particularly suited to GCSE computer science students. This sequence covers the purpose of logic gates, namely devices that manipulate electrical pulses and therefore the binary digits they represent. It describes the three main building blocks; the NOT, AND and OR gates and shows how these can be combined to produce more complex circuits, including the exclusive OR, XOR, combination of gates. Truth tables as a means to describe the behaviour of individual gates and combined circuits are covered in detail. Also covered is the description of logic gate combinations using expressions, an essential first step on the road to learning the rules and application of Boolean algebra. Level: (Beginner / Intermediate/ Advanced)

Duration: 7, 12 and 13 minutes.

Teaches: Logic gates AND OR NOT XOR. Truth tables. Boolean expressions.

Logic gates videos playlist

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