A team game for mimicking bitcoin mining and blockchain environment

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Divides the class into teams and each team takes up the role of a specific portion of the bitcoin environment and post the class the similarities are discussed

Similarities: Blockchain and Wallets are maintained A simplistic hash is run to denote mining of bitcoins The complexity is waxed and waned based on mining efforts There is a time limit for mining Use of nonce for randomness

Points not covered Transactions in the blockchain Distributed blockchain Wallet is not encrypted Nonce is not re-used to give more points

Post the class the similarities with the environment were discussed and hash was explained. The students can also be asked to create their own hashes. This was tried with a class of 33 kids and it was fun!

Level: (Beginner / Intermediate/ Advanced) All of them! The points not covered can be added to increase complexity.

Duration: (duration, if applicable) 1 hour can extend it to 2hrs

Teaches: (set of concepts learned) Bitcoin and blockchain environment and hashes


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