Ant Maze

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My "exam" for children attending my Summer school.

So, it’s very nearly the end of our children’s Summer programming courses here in sweltering Bulgaria (43 degrees C, 95% humidity), where the children had 9 hours of BBC BASIC and 12 hours of LiveCode.

The test consists of an unfinished game:

There are 7 green images (food), and the “ant” should consist of a graphic object that can be moved using the arrowKeys on the keyboard to “collect” the food (and as they are collected they should disappear), and this should be marked in the “score” field at the top of the window.

I am attaching both the Template file (for the pupils)


A finished version to:

  1. Show pupils the expected functionality of the end product.

  2. Allow teachers to “cheat” (makes a big difference).

I am also including 2 additional images I chose to use in my solution of the exercise.

You should notice in the script of my solution that I have used one SWITCH statement and a series of IF . . . . THEN statements. Obviously there are a fair few ways of ringing the changes in this respect.


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