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BBC micro:bit Robot Takeover: Making micro:bit Movie Stars

Become a robotics engineer and a film director! Fun and easy robot builds and amazing videos to create

Micro:bit Educational Foundation

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Resources and ideas to create your own BBC micro:bit robot videos from Artronix, a maker workshop organisation based in Glasgow who know all about hosting art jams.

Five wonderful film ideas and helpful code and details on how to create your own:

  • Film Idea 1: Jeepers Bleepers: Horror films aren't just for Halloween, you know. In this jam project, you'll be using LEDs in your toy actors to seriously spooky effect. This Jam is a great one to start with if you've not tried a craft project like this before
  • Film Idea 2: War of the Worlds - Rise of the micro:bits: Those glowing LED eyes were wonderfully creepy, but how about a little bit of classic Sci-Fi? Everyone likes an alien invasion, right?
  • Film idea 3: Micro:Wars - A New Code Now this is is a micro:bit project (and a film reference) that can really speak for itself. Get it? Speak? We're hilarious.
  • Film Idea 4: Bride of Frankenbit: Ah, we just love classic movie monsters. The novel Frankenstein is considered the first Science Fiction story, so it's a perfect target for a micro:bit twist.
  • Film Idea 5: A Fistful of micro:bits: Howdy. This twist on an Old West epic is incredibly high tech. The Western genre is famous for it's super-tense standoffs - perfect if you robot actors are a little stiff.

All the details here and helpful pdf from Artronix here.

Please note: You may use the resources on this page and link to them, but copyright belongs to the BBC.

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