BBC micro:bit robot takeover!

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What if... Robots Replaced Teachers? Information and fun activities for the summer with your micro:bits

The How of Robotics: Making micro:bit Movie Stars

Become a robotics engineer and a film director!

Making robots isn’t just for engineers and programmers - you can also make works of art. You don’t need a gigantic Hollywood budget either, just some old toys, some good friends and some workshop tools. Oh, and your micro:bit, of course.

The Who of Robotics: Catching the Robots Bug

Meet the Experts

We already have robots who can do all sorts of things, from cleaning our homes to making aircraft. But who is building the robots of the future?

Team micro:bit were invited to a fantastic talk with three robotic engineers (or ‘roboticists’, if you want to be fancy) organised by the Royal Commission and BBC World Service.

They each work in different fields of robotics, but they’re all optimistic about the future of robots and the budding young engineers that will build them.

The Why of Robotics: Exploring Mechanical History

Why are people fascinated with robots?

When you hear the word ‘robot’, what do you picture? Is it something that looks like a human, but made of metal? Is it working in a factory, or maybe exploring Mars?

What you might not have pictured is a prosthetic arm, or a clockwork monk. Humans have been making robots for centuries to do anything and everything from helping in factories to helping us around the house and even star in works of art.

Full details here.

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