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Doctor Who and BBC micro:bit Missions start Monday 24th April

Tackle time and space with Doctor Who and the BBC micro:bit

Micro:bit Educational Foundation

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The Daleks are back with a new plan - a Reality Bomb! It’s going to take all of your courage, inventiveness and Key Stage 3 computing skills to save the universe from this new threat.

Resources for Mission Sonic, the first of three, are now available.

Curriculum Links
Key Stage 3 Computing

  • CREATIVE PROJECTS: Undertake creative projects that involve selecting, using and combining multiple applications to achieve challenging goals
  • CODING SKILLS: Use 2 or more programming languages; at least one of which is textual, to solve a variety of computational problems

Learning Outcomes

  • COMPUTATIONAL THINKING: Learn to analyse and solve problems in computational terms by;
  • Decomposing a problem and breaking it down into smaller, more manageable, smaller problems.
  • Algorithmic thinking solving a problem by using clear, precise steps and recognising that those steps can be used again to solve other, similar problems.
  • Generalising (patterns) to stretch some learners by identifying similarities, connections and patterns between different problems and exploiting these to create new solutions to other problems.
  • PROGRAMMING AND DEVELOPMENT: Learn to implement an algorithm as a program on a digital device by;
  • Using arithmetic operators, if statements, and loops, within programs.
  • Declaring and assigning variables.

Please note: You may use the resources on this page and link to them, but copyright belongs to the BBC.

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