Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns (OCR GCSE 1.8)

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Set of resources to inject a courtroom like feel into the topics

OCR require that students undertake the following: - how to investigate and discuss Computer Science technologies while considering: - ethical issues - legal issues - cultural issues - environmental issues. - privacy issues - how key stakeholders are affected by technologies - environmental impact of Computer Science - cultural implications of Computer Science - open source vs proprietary software - legislation relevant to Computer Science: - The Data Protection Act 1998 - Computer Misuse Act 1990 - Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 - Creative Commons Licensing - Freedom of Information Act 2000.

In this set of resources the topics are explored form a legal viewpoint. Each of the legislation topics being headed by a short video form the judge outlining the charges against fictitious entities.

The unit is designed to be distributed learning with members of the class adopting roles such as barrister, witness, expert witness, juror and so on. There are enough topics for each class member to hold each role at least once.

Focused on GCSE CS but use wherever suits

This can be speedy or slow. I want my students to get depth so they will have 3 weeks on the module

Ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns of CS.

Edit: you may have caught the story about Jason Mudd who was jailed for contravening the Computer Misuse Act. I incorporated this as a real World exemplar and to illustrate that relatively young age and medical condition are unlikely to be held as a defence. Here’s a link

Good luck


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