Data Representation of Images (vectors and bitmaps with code)

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Web based tools to write code to generate vector and bitmap images

This is a set of activities that lets students write code to generate both vector and bitmap images, exploring the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Blog post explaining resources with ideas for differentiation and assessment:

Main activities from blog post:

Vector images:

  • Draw a vector smiley face using SVG commands on the w3schools TryIt editor Vector images

Bitmap images:

  • Create or use an excel spreadsheet to turn numbers into colours to illustrate how bitmap images work
  • Draw a bitmap smiley face using online python editor in both black and white and colour.

Bitmap images

The python editor allows students to write, run, debug and share python code without needing to download any software or needing a user account - designed for clubs, lessons, homeworks and educational projects.

Level: KS3/KS4

Duration: 2-3 lessons

Teaches: Pupils should be taught to:

…understand how instructions are stored and executed within a computer system; understand how data of various types (including text, sounds and pictures) can be represented and manipulated digitally, in the form of binary digits


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