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Go Robot Mouse Challenge Cards

Challenge Cards for use with the Go Robot Mouse and similar floor robots

Richmond Mathewson

Created by Richmond Mathewson
last edited Feb 15 2017 by Richmond Mathewson

This is a zip file containing 9 very basic Turtle Graphics exercises for use with the Go Robot Mouse and simlar floor robots limited to 90 degree turns (such as the Bee Bot).

I decided to make these having seen what is offer for download on the internet. I did not like what I saw for the following reasons:

Many were so polychromic they would bust my bank account in terms of coloured ink.

They tended to contain images of the completed code-block construction as well as the design, which seemed to miss the point.

What you get in my Zip file:

9 greyscale Go Robot Mouse challenge cards as individual PNG images.

2 greyscale PNG images containing the 9 challenge cards ready for printing (A4).

2 PDF documents containing the 9 challenge cards ready for printing (A4).

A GIMP template file in case you want to mess around with things.

I suppose these are for beginner level. Usage:

These can be used with floor robots that are proximally (built in keys) controlled.

If you have access to something less “primitive” than a Go Robot Mouse or a Bee Bot then I recommend you skip these and look for my Turtle Graphic Challenge cards.

These can be used with any of the large number of turtle graphics programs that are available either commercially or free: I favour Turtle Art and/or Turtle Blocks which I am currently running on Xubuntu 14.04 32-bit machines.

I have printed out multiple sets and run them through my laminating machine.

Downloaded 27 times.


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