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Computer Science Quiz Skill - for the Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Skill by David Batty, tests students on their GCSE or iGCSE computer science knowledge.

David Batty

Created by David Batty
last edited Feb 12 2017 by David Batty

I have written a Computer Science Quiz application, or skill, for the Amazon Echo.

This allows a child(or teacher) that has an Amazon Echo at home, to have their computer science knowledge tested on a regular basis.

There are hundreds of questions and answers to test knowledge, with lots more being added daily.

Please share this information with your school/class/staff and hopefully it will help the kids feel happy with their knowledge, or will let them know if they have to start doing more revising!

A video showing the skill, with a demonstration of its use, and a link to the application, can be found on:

Amazon Echo - Computer Science Quiz

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