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Exploring Right Angles Drawing out Formative Assessment

Exploring Right Angles Drawing out Formative Assessment

Philip Bagge

Created by Philip Bagge
last edited Jan 09 2017 by Philip Bagge

This can be used as an introductory programming module designed for lower KS2 (7-9)

It used the computational thinking skills of Algorithmic Design & Algorithmic Evaluation

It uses the problem solving skills of

Adapting, Persisting, Handling Ambiguity, Investigating & Open ended problem solving inspired by the work of Mark Dorling in which I was a contributor. You can find his behaviour rubric linked here.

Formative Assessment For many activities it defines what constitutes success and how this can be determined. Pupils that achieve this quickly can, in some circumstances, be moved on to an enrichment activity. Pupils that display a lack of understanding or partial understanding can be directed towards the corrective activity.

The planning can be found here

It is licenced under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND Teachers are welcome to adapt it in any way inside their schools

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