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    Project Quantum - Contributor Launch Page
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    Created by Cynthia Selby. Other contributors: Miles Berry

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    Information for authoring questions

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    Authoring DQ questions

    You can use the Question Template to help you layout questions. The templates have a consistent theme and include the CAS logo. There are several suggested layouts which demonstrate incorporating code segments, images, and different size selection buttons.

    The best place to understand how to use the DQ interface is on the DQ website itself. You can find useful videos about authoring questions in the help pages.

    Advice on writing MCQs

    • Do it with a friend or colleague.
    • There is some useful advice from the CAS Assessment Working Group.

    Creating and publishing quizzes

    The attached resource is a step-by-step guide to help you use DQ to create and publish quizzes.

    Reviewing questions

    If you find a question that you feel is not appropriate for some reason, then you can send the question for moderation. An authorized person at Diagnostic Questions will review the question and, if appropriate, have a conversation with the author. During this process of quality assurance, the question should not appear on the DQ system.

    Giving feedback to authors

    All of us like constructive feedback. It helps us learn. This can lead to better and better question writing.

    Teachers have the ability to comment on questions in the DQ system. Only those users registered as teachers will be able to view the comments made on a question.

    Instructions for how this process works can be found in the ‘Moderating Questions on DQ’ file.

    Some useful advice for giving feedback on questions can be found in the ‘Giving feedback on questions’ file.

    As with any forum exchanges, please be mindful of the spirit of openness and goodwill that is being promoted.

    Want to find out more about Project Quantum? Visit the main resource page.

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