Initial Computing Assessment for Year 7

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A range of assessment activities to assess students against the Computing Progression Pathways

This is a range of assessment activities aimed at year 7 to assess them against the Computing Progression Pathways by Computing at School. For now, we are keeping to levels in my school so I have simply converted this to levels 1 to 8 (pink being 1 and white being 8).

This assessment activity is in the format of a OneNote package and all the instructions on how to use it can be found inside.

Please note, this only assesses up to around Level 4b and is designed to give you a basic idea of a students’ ability only so you know where to start and where the gaps fall.

Level: Aimed at year 7 but would also be suitable for upper KS2.

Duration: 2 to 3 lessons.

Teaches: Assesses against each strand of the Progression Pathway


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