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Scratch Cookbook Review

A review of a Scratch 2.0 guide for students and teachers

Chris McEvoy

Created by Chris McEvoy
last edited Feb 10 2014 by Chris McEvoy

A review of Scratch Cookbook.

I have been teaching Scratch to 10 year old children for the past two years and I wish this book had been available then! It covers the new Scratch 2.0 syntax, but also explains how to download the 1.4 version of the editor and gives a step by step guide on setting up a Scratch account as well.

The book builds on basic examples and introduces new concepts in a manner that isn’t overwhelming to a new Scratcher. It was really nice to see the early chapters explaining how to delete a sprite and how to duplicate code blocks as these are usually the first things that my students ask about. Ideas such as variables and loops are explained clearly with engaging examples and the later chapters also go into using sensor boards and implementing algorithms to generate prime numbers amongst other things.

Even though I have been using Scratch for years this book was very helpful for finding out about the new features in Scratch 2.0 and gave me some good ideas for future lessons.

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