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    CAS Computing Progression Pathways KS1 (Y1) to KS3 (Y9) by topic
    last edited Nov 03 2015 by Mark Dorling

    Created by Mark Dorling. Other contributors: Paul Browning

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    CAS Computing Progression Pathways KS1 (Y1) to KS3 (Y9) by topic

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    There is a PDF document available for download that explains how the CAS Computing Progression Pathways can used both with and without Digital Badges.

    To view these learning statements by ‘unofficial’ please see:

    This document ‘CAS Computing Progression Pathways’ works hand in hand with the CAS computational thinking guidance for teachers’.

    For a free training course created by CAS for senior leaders on understanding computational thinking, progression and an updated OFSTED S5 observation form with worked example please see:

    We will continue to develop this agenda – if you have any suggestion, please do not hesitate to have a conversation with any of the authors or email feedback.

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