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Canterbury CCCU CAS Hub

Opened: 22 October 2014

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CAS Canterbury CCCU

As a hub located centrally in Kent our focus is on providing support to create a self-sustaining network to enhance the teaching of computing across both Primary and Secondary schools.

Though our base will be in Canterbury we will also be able to utilise our extensive Kent wide campus locations as well as holding meetings in partnership schools who wish to share particular expertise or equipment. We will meet termly (i.e. six times a year) but this can be extended depending on the interests of participating teachers and schools. Our focus will be introducing and developing the Computing Curriculum, supporting teachers towards moving towards CAS Master in Computing status, support around Teachers as Researchers as well as linking CPD to further academic accreditation with a computing focus.

We also aim to ensure that our student teachers with an interest in computing and STEM can meet and work with a range of teachers and educators across Primary, Secondary, FE and HE.

The Hub is run by Karl Bentley (Primary) and Stephen Lea (Secondary). The first meeting is planned for 19 November. We look forward to meeting new members!

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