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The primary aim of Computing At School (CAS) is to promote and develop the teaching of computing in schools by supporting teachers. One way to achieve this is to provide teachers with a local forum (Hub) to share ideas and mutual interests. These Hubs form the foundation of much of the work of CAS. CAS Hub meetings are for teachers, run by teachers.

They seek to provide the opportunity:

  • for teachers to meet in a relaxed and informal atmosphere with refreshments
  • to share ideas and resources
  • to receive informal training
  • to gain mutual support from discussing teaching methods with colleagues.

Furthermore, CAS derives much benefit from drawing in members from Universities and industry as well as schools. The CAS Hub provides a unique opportunity to meet colleagues from local higher education institutions and local employers.

What is a CAS Hub?

A CAS Hub is a meeting of teachers and lecturers who wish to share their ideas for developing the teaching of computing in their schools, their classrooms and their community. It is a meeting of like-minded professionals with the general objective of supporting each other and the specific aim of providing (at least) one idea that can be taken and tried in the classroom.

The success of a CAS Hub relies on local teachers committing to the Hub and the vision and direction provided by the Hub leader(s). One meeting per term is as much as most teachers can manage. This is supported by online discussions and follow-up via the CAS website where each Hub has their own dedicated space. Most CAS Hub meetings are a face-to-face event, but each local community is different. The style and format of the meeting is up to the discretion of the Hub Leader and online Hub meetings do take place especially for our international CAS Hubs. However, the face-to-face meeting remains one of the most effective forms of communication; they can create a great deal of energy and motivation amongst those who attend.

Sunbury Hub Leader on running a CAS Hub

How to find your nearest CAS Hub

To find your nearest CAS Hub either use the Hub list below or visit the CAS home page at and enter your postcode. You will then be able to see which CAS Hubs are closest to you. Clicking on the name of the Hub will then take you to the Hub webpage where you will find contact details.

What does a Hub Leader do? - Exploding the myths

Running a CAS Hub has been described as 'low maintenance - high impact'. Sharing the responsibility for running a group between two or three people lowers the maintenance level even further!

It does help to have a working teacher as one of the Hub leaders, to ensure that every meeting fulfils the brief of being of practical help for working ICT/Computing teachers. As an absolute minimum, every meeting should offer a 'takeaway' idea or resource that could be used in the classroom the following day/week/term. We don't want the meetings to be just 'talking shops'.

How do you become a CAS Hub Leader?

The CAS Hubs are run by teachers for teachers so if you think that you would like to run a CAS Hub, why not get in touch? You don't have to be an expert in computing as the Hub Leader is the meeting facilitator not the fount of all knowledge! Quite a lot of teachers have become Hub Leaders so that they can work with a group and learn from them. For more information about becoming a CAS Hub Leader please visit

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