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Teaching Computing in Primary Schools Friday May 19, 2017 from 12:00PM to 4:00PM
Organised by: Peter MarshmanPeter Marshman Hosted by: Excalibur TSA
St John's School, Marlborough
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This course will define the elements of computational thinking, how they can be used to support independent learning and how these can be identified and assessed. It is an interactive course and you will practically experience creative and innovative approaches which engage students, provide contextual learning and promote kinaesthetic activity and active movement.

This course will cover:

What is computational thinking?

How do I make computational thinking contextual?

What are the elements of computational thinking

Creative and active approaches to supporting computational thinking in the classroom

Activities which can be planned to extract key computational skills

How computational thinking can be identified, tracked and assessed

A range of approaches for ensuring progression and identifying next steps

Unplugged activities – meeting the needs of the curriculum without the use of computers

Blended learning activities – where programming activities can be used to support unplugged examples

Teamwork and collaborative approaches, taking the learning experiences out of the classroom and embedding the theory inside

A range of resources for you to experiment with and then take away for use in your own classroom which are tried and tested