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A new year and fresh (re)start?
03 Sep 2015

Term has started for most if not all primary and secondary teachers by now so I hope I’m not too late in wishing everyone every success for the coming term! There was no doubt that last year was hard with the introduction of the new programme of study for Computing. Exciting too, I hope!

A very quick, short-fire, round up of some CAS activity happening right now …

  • we’re launching 10 new CAS Regional Centres (CRC) with support from DfE as part of the Network of Excellence programme. I will publish a full news item about this very soon!
  • the public website is being updated (as I type). This has been in a forlorn state for some time now and I’m really pleased with how the new site is coming on …
  • lead schools will be getting their audit next week, so do look out for that :)
  • the new register of CAS Master Teachers will go live very shortly
  • we’ve been working with Morgan Stanley on a resource site for primary school teachers. Do take a look at Teach Primary Computing
  • we’re fast approaching 20,000 members!!
  • we’re launching a twitter chat #CASChat this term i.e. very soon
  • the BCS Certificate is going from strength to strength with the addition of new course related material and support from our friends at Codio
  • With funding from Google we are hard at work on producing high quality training packs for the CAS Master Teachers to deliver in your local area. The first packs will be trialed over the next few weeks. This is a really exciting project and will give much needed support and coherence to the training provided by Master Teachers and others
  • Also, with Google funding, we are producing a series of videos to capture case studies of good practice in schools, CPD material, subject knowledge videos etc. which will build into a really valuable resource over the year
  • Phew! What else ….? Ah yes, we’re working closely with colleagues in Korea, Malaysia and other European countries spreading the word about CAS, the importance of computing and how the particular ethos of CAS and professional generosity can be shared and replicated elsewhere

I know I’ll have forgotten something really, really important … so please forgive me there.

On a personal note one of my highlights last year was hearing the three teachers who presented first at the CAS Conference in Birmingham. Their brief was to speak for 10 mins or so on “It’s only been a year but …”. It was truly inspiring because they were telling us how it had been for them.

Sharing such stories is transformative and hugely powerful. It can be daunting to share our stories in this forum I know and it saddens me to read posts where people are prefacing their view with “Don’t shoot me down …”. Your “Tales from the classroom” are always inspiring, motivating and challenging - please keep them coming and if anyone “shoots at you” please let me know ;).

So, take deep breath, and let us know how it is going … go on!


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