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What's going on in CAS

Top Ten Computing Jokes

Published by Paul Curfzon on 2018-06-15

The last in our series of top tens to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the CAS Conference happening on June 16th 2018. Enjoy (if you can).


Top Ten Female Computing Stars Through the Decades

Published by Paul Curzon on 2018-06-13

"Computing is too important to be left to the men" quipped Karen Spärck Jones. How true! In this next of our top ten series we highlight ten extraordinary female pioneers of computing.


"Top Ten" Programing Bugs

Published by Paul Curzon on 2018-06-11

We all make them when we try any programming but here's a top ten list, the third in our series to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the CAS Conference, of some bugs that have had dramatic, and expensive, consequences.


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